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Top 5 Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

Can you remember the last time you looked in the mirror and felt confident about your face?

Whether it’s wrinkles, sagging skin, or fine lines—feeling dissatisfied with your aging face is extremely common. In the past, people turned to invasive and expensive surgical facelifts to keep their youthful appearances.  Options such as plastic surgery can be outrageously expensive and come with serious risks.

Thankfully, scientific breakthroughs have led to more affordable, effective, safer and non-surgical options for achieving a younger face! In this blog, we’ll rank the top five non-surgical facelift treatments.  

1. NeoGen

NeoGen Plasma Treatment is an excellent non-surgical facelift procedure unlike any other option currently on the market. This revolutionary treatment uses non-ablative laser technology to turn back the clock on aging by targeting wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, and blemishes and recently won the 2022 Aesthetic Award for Best Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation Enhancement. 

The most dynamic of the options on our list—NeoGen can lift the face, restore skin elasticity, and improve the look of scars or acne. It can also treat pre-cancerous actinic keratoses skin cells and fix hyperpigmentation.

NeoGen’s state-of-the-art procedure also offers a big draw to patients. Enjoy a quick, relatively painless, and pleasant experience with the following benefits: immediate and optimal results with only one session, a short recovery time, and minimal discomfort throughout a quick and efficient procedure.

One of the biggest appeals of NeoGen is that its unique methods stimulate not only the growth collagen type I but also fountain of youth collagen type III which is known for improving skin elasticity and hydration. In fact, NeoGen is the only non-surgical facelift treatment on this list that can produce collagen type III. 

Finally, NeoGen is currently the most affordable and accessible option on this list—with the total cost ranging from $1,200 to $3,600.  We’ll see how long the pricing lasts giving the growing popularity of this treatment.

2. Ultherapy

As the name might suggest, Ultherapy is a facelift procedure that utilizes ultrasound technology to achieve its results. Ultherapy initiates the growth of collagen I by stimulating the dermis with heat.

There are many benefits to Ultherapy—such as reduced wrinkles and tightened skin. Ultherapy can both lift sagging skin and improve fine lines, effectively making the skin look more youthful. If the improvement you seek is relatively minor, Ultherapy might be a good choice.

Compared to many of the other options on this list, Ultherapy has limited applications. Ultherapy cannot treat skin pigmentation, sunspots, or scarring. Ultherapy is not suggested if you are hoping to treat extremely saggy or wrinkly skin. This procedure can take up to 60 minutes and may leave you with an uncomfortable recovery period that can last several days.

While Ultherapy might be the right choice for some, generally, it won’t be the best option for anyone looking to make a significant difference in their facial appearance. On top of that, Ultherapy is also quite expensive, with total costs of up to $5,000. 

3. EmFace

EmFace is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that smooths wrinkles and lifts sagging skin. The procedure is relatively quick, with sessions lasting about 20 minutes. EmFace works by using a combination of radiofrequency and HIFEM energy—which helps stimulate collagen I and elastin fibers.

There are several benefits to EmFace. One of the main benefits is that it is non-ablative, meaning that it will not damage the skin’s surface. The lasers used in Emface target the tissue beneath the skin’s surface to promote healthy skin non-destructively. You’ll also enjoy a relatively fast and painless treatment.

However, despite the quick recovery times, EmFace generally does not provide immediate results— meaning you will likely have to attend multiple sessions to achieve your desired look.  EmFace also does not target dark circles under the eyes. While the technology for EmFace is extremely new—some also say it can be gimmicky. Finally, EmFace is extremely expensive, with total costs ranging from $5,000 to $6,000. 

4. Co2

Co2 laser skin resurfacing, or just Co2 for short, is an ablative facelift treatment that can treat pigment discoloration and wrinkles. These treatments utilize a carbon dioxide laser to safely remove the damaged top layer of skin cells and reveal the healthy skin beneath. 

A relatively versatile option, Co2 is an attractive choice for many seeking a non-surgical facelift due to its many benefits. Co2 can treat pre-cancerous actinic keratoses skin cells to sagging facial skin. It can also improve the appearance of scars, sun damage, and age spots.

Unfortunately, Co2 does have some significant drawbacks. While effective, Co2 facelift procedures can be painful and uncomfortable due to the procedure’s ablative nature. You’re also not likely to see immediate results from a Co2 procedure, and the recovery period for a treatment can last up to two weeks. They’re also not cheap—easily costing up to $6,000.  

5. Fraxel

Fraxel takes advantage of fractional laser technology—which uses lasers to create microscopic injuries beneath the skin’s surface to support collagen I production and promote healing.

This non-surgical treatment can fix blemishes such as age spots, scars, and wrinkles. It can also improve the appearance of your skin texture and diminish acne. Another benefit is that each procedure is customizable to patient needs. Finally, Fraxel offers a relatively short procedure time of roughly 30 minutes. 

Unfortunately, recovery after a Fraxel procedure isn’t fast or pleasant—leaving most patients with a “sunburn”-like feeling for up to two days after the procedure. Multiple procedures are also typically required to achieve optimal results, especially if you’re looking to treat sun damage or hyperpigmentation. Though topical anesthetics are applied prior to Fraxel treatments, some individuals may still find the experience unpleasant and uncomfortable. Fraxel’s results are not immediate—and it may be several weeks before you see the desired results.

You may also struggle to afford Fraxel because it can cost up to $7,500 for a complete treatment. 

NeoGen at Unicorn MedSpa

Thank you for reading our ranking!  We hope this has given you some insight into the various types of non-surgical facelift procedures + what procedure is right for you! 

At Unicorn MedSpa, we provide fantastic NeoGen Plasma Facelift Treatments to help you roll back the clock on your skin. Ready to turn back time on your skin? Schedule a FREE NeoGen Consultation with our experts today!  

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