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Special Makeup and Hairstyle for Photoshoots

Whether it’s for senior pictures, family portraits, engagement photos, or boudoir photography for your special someone, photo shoots capture life’s special moments and allow you to relive them time and time again. For images that you’ll treasure forever, ensuring that you look your best for the photo shoot is priority one.

At Unicorn Hair Queen, we offer hair and makeup styling services that let you look and feel beautiful without losing sight of your personal style. Best of all, we come to you, providing you with the on-location services you need for quality, professional results.

Your Pre-Photo Shoot Stylist Consultation

At your convenience, one of our personal stylists will meet with you to discuss hairstyle and makeup ideas for your upcoming photo shoot. We’ll listen to your thoughts and concerns, look at the clothing you’ve chosen for the shoot, and talk about the style, mood, and ambience you want to achieve.

From half-up hairstyles that make you look regal and elegant to chic and sophisticated updos, we’ll suggest hairstyles that match the overall style of the shoot and that flatter your face and figure. We’ll guide you through your options for cosmetics too, including airbrush makeup, guaranteed to improve your appearance in photographs.

Photo Shoot Hair & Makeup for Staged and Candid Pics

Whether you’re planning an intimate photo shoot held on a closed set or you’ve hired a photographer to snap pictures at a family gathering, you want to be certain that everyone in the photos looks their best. At Unicorn Hair Queen, our professionals have extensive experience styling hair and makeup for all types of photo shoots, from carefully planned family sittings to outdoor weddings. Our understanding of lighting, perspective and composition gives us the know-how to give you and yours a flawless look under a wide range of conditions and settings.

Group Photo Shoot Hair Stylist

From family reunions and graduations to weddings and receptions, making sure that everyone’s hair and makeup looks great in group photo shoots requires the skills of a seasoned professional. It’s essential to choose hairstyles and cosmetics that bring out the best in every participant while achieving a cohesive overall style. Photo shoots for the special events in your life are just too important to trust to do-it-yourself makeup applications and hairstyles. From airbrush-applied makeup that makes pores seem to disappear to extensions that turn a short bob into long and flowing locks, our talented stylists can help every member of the photo shoot look glamorous.

There’s nothing like your own personal stylist to fill you with confidence and make you feel beautiful when you’re participating in a photo shoot. Whether you want a lasting memento of a major occasion in your life or candid images that capture the affection you feel for your family and friends, a professional from Unicorn Hair Queen will help you achieve your goals.

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